Buying a home should and will definitely demand lots of time, energy and money. Thorough research in the beginning of your home purchase process will payoff both immediately and in the near future.

Make sure to hire an experienced real estate agent, but keep in mind, some of the most successful agents have a lot of business and cannot dedicate the time necessary for you. So make sure your agent can demonstrate their knowledge and experience and at the same time dedicate lots of time and attention to your purchase. If they are quick to call you back, that’s a good sign. On the other hand if they are not quick to return your phone calls or emails, this could be a sign that they are too busy to give you the 100% attention you require.

Spend as much time as necessary learning about the real estate purchase process. After the homebuyer feels they have a solid understanding of the entire purchase process, they should be ready to learn some more. Understand that there are lots of laws and regulations when it comes to purchasing real estate, and they are always changing. Don’t beat yourself up too much trying to know all of the facts, people have spent their entire careers learning about real estate and still have much to learn. Instead get a firm understanding about what your most important responsibilities are when it comes to buying a home, and be ready to ask your real estate agent as many questions as possible. There is no such thing as a stupid question, it something doesn’t quite add up make sure to ask your agent specific questions. They should be able to give you a clear explanation that makes sense to you. If you find yourself still confused even after having the conversation with your agent, let them know, and tell them you need to understand before moving forward. This is your life after all and you’re hard earned money!

Once the research phase of your home buying process has passed and you’re ready to submit an offer on a home for sale, understand that the speed of the whole process is going to increase at a compounding rate. Having done thorough research in the beginning will continue to payoff as the process continues. Having a firm understanding about the details of your home mortgage is incredibly important.

After you reach the point where you’re under contract, start your home inspections immediately. It would even be wise to consult with your real estate agent before hand about the specific contractors you will need to hire during the home inspections. Interview these contractors before hand and make sure they are the right ones for you. Use online resources like Angie’s List and ask for references whenever possible. Depending on the particular details of the home and location, homebuyers should expect to pay $2,000 for all of the home inspections (more or less).